The Story Behind Kings County Distillery, New York City's First Since Prohibition Era

Kings County Distillery only started making whisky in 2009, but it is the oldest operating distillery in New York City, the first to reemerge in the City since the Prohibition era.

In this video from NY City Lens, learn all about how Kings County Distillery opened straight from its co-founder, Colin Spoelman.

“Prohibition never ended in my hometown,” said Spoelman, a New York transplant who grew up in one of Kentucky’s 38 dry counties. Not surprising then that when he moved to Brooklyn in his 20’s, he took up illegally home brewing distilled spirits. Having moved to New York to find a career, he turned his hobby into a business in 2009, securing an official license to start producing whiskey in New York City. “April 15, 2010 is when we started producing whiskey in New York City for the first time since Prohibition,” Spoelman said.

Check out the accompanying article for more.

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