The Society for the Prevention of Disparaging Remarks About Brooklyn

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A coveted membership card.
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It’s a documented fact that in 1942, radio stations, newspapers and magazines maligned the borough of Brooklyn no less than 2,623 times. And that’s not even counting movies. Fugheddaboudit!<br /
According to Brooklynite Sidney Ascher, this marked a significant decrease from the 6,457 times it was maligned in 1941, which also happens to be the year he founded “The Society for the Prevention of Disparaging Remarks About Brooklyn.”

This incredible historical club touts prominent members such as U.S. Presidents Harry Truman and Dwight D. Eisenhower, more than 10 members of Congress, writers Damon Runyon and Walter Winchell and hindreds of soldiers and sailors looking to preserve the Brooklyn they knew.

via WNYC

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