Take a Peek Inside the Long Abandoned Allen Mall Bathhouse on the Lower East Side

The abandoned bathhouse inside the Allen Mall on Allen and Delancey is in the process of being converted to a commercial food stall. But before it can be used for food, the dirty, asbestos filled building needs a deep scrubdown. Luckily, the City recent sent a cleanup crew to begin the process.

Our friends over at Bowery Boogie were able to get in and snap some photos during the cleanup, giving us our first peek inside in decades.

The long-vacant Allen Mall Bathhouse is getting a deep scrub-down. As previously reported, the Parks Department last week commenced asbestos abatement activity with the purpose of returning the decades-old facility to community use. Namely, a “comfort station” that offers an affordable food stand and (possibly) bike repair station.

Matt Coneybeare

Matt Coneybeare

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