Subway Book Review, an Instagram Account That Shows You What NYC Subway Riders Are Reading

Subway Book Review: Book reviews with strangers on the subway.
Subway Book Review: Book reviews with strangers on the subway.

Think of it like Humans of New York, but for books, and in the New York Subway. @SubwayBookReview is an Instagram account started by Uli Beutter Cohen in 2013 that is an online collection of books and owners snapped on the subway, each complete with a mini review and picture of the cover.

I started Subway Book Review after I moved to New York City because I found it fascinating how much New Yorkers read and how dedicated they are to printed publications. The subway feels like a microcosm of the New York literary world. Within one car, you can find it all: self-published novelties, the next bestseller and beloved classics. It’s the perfect place to get new ideas for what to read next and to discuss your favorite book with a stranger. Subway Book Review hopes to bring this conversation to book-lovers all over the world. I follow three rules: Reviews must be held underground. A portrait of the person and their book must accompany the review. Printed books only.

The account already has 6,500 followers and is adding more rapidly. For you non-Instagrammers out there, there is a website where the content is duplicated.

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