Subway Ads Ruining Generations of New Yorkers; People Actually Eat Fish Caught in East River; Inside Brooklyn's Swanky Clocktower Apartment

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A pair of locals show off their catch from the deck of the Capitol Princess in New York Harbor.
Photo: NYP

There is a lot of stuff going on the City, and we can’t write about it all. Here are some interesting things some of our friends have written up lately.

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  • The New York Times Zoning Arrived 100 Years Ago. It Changed New York City Forever.
  • Summer Concert Series Heats Up Midland Beach Boardwalk
  • So Bad So Good Brooklyn’s Clocktower is one of the Coolest Apartments in New York
  • Celebrating New York City
  • Wall Street Journal Cracking the Codes of New York City’s Physical Internet
  • West Side Rag Central Park Film Festival Returns With New York Vibe, and New Venue
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