Street Art News Interviews Infamous Street Artist Nick Walker

Artist Interview: Nick Walker
Artist Interview: Nick Walker

Our friends over at Street Art News recently sat down with one of the City's most recognizable street artists, Nick Walker.

SAN: So are you trying to spend more time in NYC now? Asides for the hopping around we already talked about? I mean you have always incorporated a large amount of NY imagery in your work. Is NY just one of your favorite places to be?

NW: Since I was a kid I always wanted to live here. And you know there are certain times in my life when I almost bit the bullet and moved here. The first time I came to visit was the early 90’s I think 1992, and then I came back again, and again, going back and forth.…But it’s amazing how much it’s changed, but New York still has that weird raw kinetic serendipitous energy, and I think that’s what has always drawn me to this city.

Check out the full interview for more.

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