"Still NYC", an Amazingly Fluid Video Comprised of Thousands of Still Photographs

Freelance motion graphics designer Ynon Lan recently visited New York and made a NYC love letter video like no other. He took thousands of still photographs during his stay, then combined them together seamlessly to create a fluid video, flashing separate photos at 24fps all with the same subject matter centered on the screen. It's a fantastic portrayal of classic NYC themes presented in a unique way, and Vimeo agrees, making it a Vimeo Staff Pick.

This year I visited New York for the first time. Throughout my time there I was walking all around the city with my camera. I was looking for a way to portray all the different types of scenery and people that I saw as well as keep the constant energy of the city. I decided to take still photographs and compile them in a video as if they were one flowing motion.

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