Stephen Hawking Appears in a Mysterious Times Square Ad Featuring 3 Random(?) Numbers

Photo: Imgur

Reddit contributor Bucket-head was walking through Times Square yesterday when s/he spotted these mysterious billboards featuring world famous physicist Stephen Hawking and 3 seemingly random numbers: 48 16 11

No one seemed to take note that Stephen Hawkings face and a mysterious numerical code took over a group of billboards in Times Square this morning. I took a picture. What does it mean?

There are many theories in the comments on the reddit thread which seem plausible, but nothing seems quite right.

Countdown to leap day. 48 days, 16 hours, 11 mins.


He was prob trying to get powerball tickets online and messed up.


48th book of the Catholic Bible, 16th Chapter, 11th verse:

"And they, when they had heard that he was alive, and had been seen of her, believed not."

Stephen Hawking is trying to tell us David Bowie is alive. And also he's a woman. But we don't believe...


Nobody seems to know exactly what this is… Can you solve it?

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