Sol Sips: 22-Year-Old Chef Opens Her Own Vegan Restaurant in Bushwick, Brooklyn

Sol Sips is a newish vegan restaurant in Bushwick, Brooklyn, which was started by 22-year-old Francesca Chaney after determining she wanted to help provide lower-income areas with healthier, sustainable food. Meet Chaney and learn more about Sol Sips and their vegan offerings in this video from Food Insider.

Francesca Chaney is a 22-year-old college kid with her own vegan restaurant. She swears by plant-based meals and wants to normalize them for underprivileged neighborhoods. Her restaurant, Sol Sips, is in Brooklyn, NY, and its menu is comprised of delicious, healthy eats. Because Francesca is all about accessibility, she offers a sliding-scale brunch where customers can pay anywhere from $7 to $15 for their full meal. She hopes her mission of educating people about healthy eating grows into more Sol Sips locations and a healthier mindset for underserved communities.

via Insider

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