Skyscraper Museum's Roundup on the Current State of New York City's Supertall Towers

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New York's Super Slenders

The Skyscraper Museum is a museum in Battery Park City that explores and celebrates the architecture, construction, design, and impact of skyscrapers across the world, especially in New York City.

The museum recently profiled and collected all of the existing, in-construction, and planned supertall towers in the City.

A new form in skyscraper history has evolved in New York over the past decade: the super-slim, ultra-luxury residential tower. These pencil-thin periscopes — all 50 to 90+ stories — use a development and design strategy of slenderness to pile their city-regulated maximum square feet of floor area (FAR) as high in the sky as possible to create luxury apartments defined by spectacular views. The basic, yet complex principles of the economics, engineering, and design of this new type of super-slender towers were detailed in The Skyscraper Museum’s 2013/14 exhibition SKY HIGH & the Logic of Luxury

Check out the Sky High exhibition for more.

Matt Coneybeare

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