See Inside the Second Avenue Subway Tunnels in This Video Showing Subway Motorman's POV

Local transit historian and railfan Dj Hammers makes tons of great videos showing how subway transit works and runs in the City. In this recent upload to YouTube, see the tunnels of the new Second Avenue Subway from a motorman's point of view, inside of a vintage train car built in 1949 specifically for the subway line.

The R11 made history on July 30th, 2017, when it finally ran along the Second Avenue Subway. The R11 was built to operate on the Second Avenue Subway in 1949, more than half a century before the line opened. The next "Nostalgia Trip" will occur on the 7 line on August 19th!

You can book tickets for the MTA's Nostalgia Trips at the New York Transit Museum.

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