SantaCon Releases App That Tells You Where (Not) to Go Drink During the Event

SantaCon has released an App that they hope will corral the drunken debauchery to only a few select bars. The organization also suggests staying off the streets as much as possible.

PLEASE PATRONIZE THESE VENUES ONLY. If a venue isn’t on this list, it’s because they don’t want you there. Please move around throughout the day from venue to venue but spend most of your time inside, not on the streets.

The SantaCon App will serve as a map for participants, and an avoid-list for the rest of us. If for some reason you are out-and-about in Hell's Kitchen on Saturday instead of participating in the Millions March, you may want to check the app to find out the places to avoid.

Download the SantaCon App for free on the iTunes App Store or Google Play.

via EV Grieve

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