Sample Some Moi Moi and Jollof at NYC African Food Festival in Brooklyn Navy Yard This Weekend

Moi Moi (and chicken) is a Nigerian steamed bean pudding dish
Moi Moi (and chicken) is a Nigerian steamed bean pudding dish

Try out traditional foods such as the Nigerian Moi Moi (steamed bean pudding) or the spongy Somali bread, Conjero at New York's first annual African Food Festival this weekend, August 13th-14th at the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

The NYC African Food Festival offers an opportunity to see and taste a wide variety of African foods, and connect with some of the best African chefs, food experts, and curators in a festive, vibrant NYC atmosphere.

The day-long festival will be curated to include a wide variety of meals representing every corner of the continent with a few new treats thrown in as well. Healthy and nutritious food options (with an emphasis on vegetarian and vegan dishes) will also be available for sale.

In addition to the selection of food, participants can also take mini-cooking lessons and watch live entertainment featuring local African artists. Tickets start at $20, a great deal to experience some of the City's multicultural community.

via Time Out

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