Riis Beach Bicycle Thief Tries to Escape NYPD by Running Into Ocean, Ends in Wet Arrest

YouTuber Damjan Panovski was out at Riis Beach in the Rockaways recently when he spotted an over-the-top arrest made by the NYPD after a bicycle thief ran into the ocean to try and get away.

I arrived at Riis Beach to a lot of commotion yesterday. There was a man in the water that "refused" to come out of the water. When I asked the lifeguards if the beach was closed they replied that it was not closed, and just not to go where that incident was happening. More police and firemen and EMS arrived. Enter the NYPD helicopter with divers jumping in dramatically in the water. Finally, they all dragged the man out of the water. As he was being carried away a beach goer revelead to me what his alledged crime was: he stole a bike from the boardwalk! ALL of this for a Bicycle Thief - Vittorio De Sica will be proud.

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Matt Coneybeare

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