Play as New York City Master Planner Robert Moses in This Historical Video Game

Confetti with the Brick Bats is a new historical simulation video game where you can fill the shoes as controversial New York City master planner Robert Moses as he makes the tough decisions about the future of New York City.

In each of the three episodes in the game, the player must examine documents which indicate a potential action Robert Moses can make. Once three have been selected, the result is shown on a newspaper headline. There are many possible endings, and the game was designed with multiple playthroughs in mind.

The title of the game comes from a famous quote Moses said after someone wished him condolences on a politcal loss.

His terse reply was "Thanks loads. A little confetti with the brick bats."

Check out the game page to learn more, or to download Confetti with the Brick Bats for FREE on PC or Mac.

Submitted via Viewing NYC Tips

Matt Coneybeare

Matt Coneybeare

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