Photos: A Grand Tour of Astoria's Steinway Piano Factory

In his new photobook, Making Steinway, photographer Christopher Payne captures the inner workings of Steinway & Sons, the famous Queens-based piano factory.

Payne describes the motivation behind these photos:

In this era of service jobs and office work, most of us have never been inside a factory. The kind of manufacturing and craftsmanship that happens at One Steinway Place in Astoria, New York, where people transform raw, often messy materials into some of the finest musical instruments in the world, has nearly vanished from the American workplace.

Check out Payne's portfolio for more of his work, or the full article on Fast Company for more photos in this series.

Joshua Mu

Joshua Mu

Contributing Writer

When he is not attempting to hustle the hustlers of Central Park, Joshua enjoys exploring the depths of what New York has to offer. He one day hopes to pilot a drone without immediately crashing it.

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