Pepsi to Open Artisanal Cocktail Bar 'Kola House' in the Meatpacking District

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Kola House, by Pepsi
Photo: PepsiCo

Kola House is a new cocktail bar coming soon to the Meatpacking District of Manhattan from the fine folks at Pepsi.

The soda giant partnered with the local restauranteurs and hospitality group The Metric, the team behind behind popular watering holes Gilded Lily and The Wayfarer, to make it happen.

“We wanted to create a modern hub for consumers to share social and immersive experiences that were anchored in the exploration of our cola’s artisanal craft and flavor,” shared Seth Kaufman, Chief Marketing Officer, PepsiCo North America Beverages. “The Kola House represents a new space for us to support our consumer-first approach to drive authenticity and innovation around our beverage offerings and ideals.”

The Kola House is expected to open in early Spring. Check out the full press release for more info.

Matt Coneybeare

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