Peek Inside The Secret Grand Central Terminal Sub-Basement That Nazis Nearly Destroyed in WWII

Deep underneath Grand Central Terminal lies a secret basement which held the power generators that ran the entire station above, and the entire Metro North railroad.

In World War II, in order to slow America's entry into the war, Hitler and the Nazis sent saboteurs to try and destroy the converters by sneaking into the basement and simply throwing sand into them.

The sub-basement of Grand Central Terminal is New York City's deepest basement, at least that's what they'll tell you. It's also likely the safest and one of the most secure places in all of the 5 boroughs. It was never included on blueprints for the building, and its exact location remains confidential to this day. To make it all the more mysterious, the room is called M-42, which sounds like something straight out of The X-Files.

Check out the accompanying article on the Gothamist to read more about Grand Central Terminal's secret sub-basement.

via Gothamist

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