Peek Inside The Elaborate 2017 Santaland Display at Macy's in Herald Square

It's a holiday tradition in New York City! Every year, the Macy's Santaland display is a festive and decorative wonder land of Christmas spirit. Bring your kids and see the decorations, elves, trees, lights, and most importantly, Santa! Check it out in this short video from our friends at Time Out New York.

Welcome, Macy's Santaland 2017! Oh, how we've missed you! Of all NYC's amazing opportunities to meet Saint Nick, not a one can claim to be more iconic than Macy's Santaland at Macy's Herald Square. This year, we're happy to announce that wait times to see the big guy in red might be a little bit better.

You need a reservation to visit with Santa, however Macy's Santaland is free and open to the public.

via Time Out

Matt Coneybeare

Matt Coneybeare

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