Peek Behind the Scenes at the Times Square New Year's Eve Ballon Factory

Every year, thousands and thousands of balloons are distributed in Times Square for the New Year's Eve celebration. Where do all those balloons come from?

In this short from video producer Jessica Leibowitz, check out the source of all these balloons, a Syracuse based company called Balloon AffAIRs run by Danny Magowan.

Magowan's company has been providing the balloons for Times Square on New Year's Eve since 1995. In total, he told us, it takes his 27 workers about 14 hours to blow up the 25,000 balloons and tie them with 12.5 miles of mylar ribbon. The balloons' sponsor varies from year to year — this year, it's Planet Fitness, hence the bright purple balloons emblazoned with a gold logo.

via Gothamist

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