NYC Parking Etiquette 101: You Cannot Save or Hold Public Parking Spots For Anybody

Finding a parking spot in New York City is tough, we all know that. If you see a spot which is unreachable at the moment, it may be tempting to have somebody hop out of the car and save it for you, but please don't do this. Not only is it illegal in NYC 4-08(n)(7), it creates unnecessary conflicts like the one seen on this video.

A driver finds a parking spot. He is blocked by two females. Driver assures females they cannot do that and they respond with yelling and profanity. Police are called. Asian elderly man squeezes in with them waving him in. Cops arrive. Asian man drives away fast. Driver pulls into parking spot. Speaks to police and points out the females. Ratchet teen curses, yells, wishes death upon the driver and his family. 62 Precinct sergeant puts them in their place.

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Matt Coneybeare

Matt Coneybeare

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