NYC Considers Using Quieter Jackhammers to Tame Construction Noise Pollution

The City is a loud place. Most New Yorkers have long ago accepted this and somehow ignore it all, but do we really have to? One of the loudest sources of noise pollution is the construction jackhammer, but with new electric designs that replace the aged pneumatic technology, the jackhammer is no longer the loudest equipment on the site. The New York Times reports over the next several months, the City will consider stricter limits on construction noise, and that these electric jackhammers could replace their louder counterparts because of the fines associated with breaking those limits.

In the months ahead, the city’s Environmental Protection Department will consult with the task force about new regulations the agency is preparing that stipulate “noise mitigation practices and requirements” for jackhammers and “additional technologies for mitigation of jackhammer noise during nighttime construction activities.”

via New York Times

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