Now's Your Chance to Own a 62-Year-Old FDNY Fire Boat on the Cheap

#1524690 - Boat, Fire, John Mathis 129', QTY:1
#1524690 - Boat, Fire, John Mathis 129', QTY:1
Photo: FDNY

If you were looking for that perfect house boat renovation project, now is the time to grab this 62-year-old vintage fire boat on the cheap.

The Fire Department of New York is auctioning off this old out-of-commission boat, complete with water cannons and tons of fire equipment, to the highest bidder. But you should probably read the fine print first:

This boat was taken out of service approximately 5 years ago and was in running condition at that time. Items are being sold in an "AS IS" and "WHERE IS" condition. Inspection is recommended. You are expected to load your own item(s). Be prepared to load your item(s) from a dock. If you cannot carry or lift, you will need to bring someone with you. We cannot ship item(s). Bidders may contact a local shipping company to pick up package and ship their item(s).

The price of the boat is currently at just over $3,000. At that price, you could buy the boat for scrap metal and still make a hefty profit, though you could also renovate and own the coolest house boat in town. Your call.

Check out the auction page for more pics and info if you want to get in on the action.

h/t 6sqft

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