Museum of Tattoo History May Open in the Lower East Side

Daredevil Tattoo is tattoo shop and museum on the Chinatown / Lower East Side border that is well known amongst City ink fans.

The shop wants to expand and become the Museum of Tattoo History in order to house a more permanent, larger collection of tattoo-related historical items, including their prized "Edison Pen."

New York City fostered the birth of modern tattooing. We want to build a resource for others to connect with that history through our collection of artifacts and documentation of the early roots of tattooing in NYC. [… Co-owner] Brad has been collecting tattoo memorabilia for over 20 years and has amassed a collection with items including a Thomas Edison engraving pen (that the O'Reilly patent was based on) and original O'Reilly artwork.

To help make the museum a reality, Daredevil Tattoo has setup a Kickstarter Campaign with a goal of $30k in order to help set everything up. Rewards range from shout-outs to a "Daredevil Platinum Card" and private dinner in the museum.

Matt Coneybeare

Matt Coneybeare

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