MTA Shows Off the 100-Year-Old Technology Still Running the Subway

The MTA just released a video that explains many aspects of how the subway system works, and is controlled by a complex combination of humans, nearly 100-year-old machines and technology, and modern, updated computers.

Vice President and Chief Officer Wynton Habersham talks about some of the aging infrastructure:

People know that the system is old, but I don't think they realize just how old it is. They see the beautiful old architecture in the stations and they think it's just historic, just like seeing artifacts in a museum somewhere. What our riders don't realize though is that in our system, it’s not just the architecture that’s 100 years old. It’s a lot of the basic technology as well. The infrastructure is old.

The 10-minute video is a fascinating look behind the curtain of a transportation method most of us use every day without quite realizing how it works exactly.

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