MicroRangers, an Immersive Augmented Reality Game at the American Museum of Natural History

MicroRangers is an augmented reality app for your phone that you can use inside the American Museum of Natural History that sends you and your family on a journey throughout the exhibits, solving mysteries and learning through the informative app disguised as a video game.

Nine MicroCrises await—real-world scenarios involving microorganisms— starting in the 1st floor Hall of Biodiversity. For advanced game players, marshall your resources to take on the 6th Extinction. Armed with the mobile app and a free Communicator Coin, augmented characters - both microbes and scientists - will send you on missions and help you along the way. Have fun while you learn how even the smallest things can make a big difference.

The fun app will make any trip to the museum a unique experience, even for repeat visitors. Download MicroRangers completely free on the:

American Museum of Natural History

via AMNH

Matt Coneybeare

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