Meet Colin Huggins, Washington Square Park's Piano Man

If you have spent any time in Washington Square Park over the past few years, you have probably seen and heard Colin Huggins, a classically trained pianist who goes by the moniker "Crazy Piano Man", though he is anything but. Huggins explains:

Let me try and shed some light on this without being too boring. I'm not actually crazy and no one in particular dubbed me as "the crazy piano guy". I just wanted something that would be easy for people to remember because I knew when I started this, I'd be meeting hundreds of new people each week, sometimes each day. It's been quite an experience and I hope you're looking at this because I brought some joy to your day.

Almost every day, Huggins grabs a grand piano out of nearby storage, wheels it down to Washington Square Park, gets it tuned, then busks for the thousands of locals and tourists that frequent the park. In this 2013 video from CBS News, correspondent Michelle Miller sits down with Huggins to find out why.

Check out Colin Huggins' classical album on Bandcamp.

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Washington Square Park

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