[MapPorn] This NYC Subway Map Replaces Stations With Most Popular Hashtags Around Them

Subway stations renamed after their most popular Instagram hashtag
Subway stations renamed after their most popular Instagram hashtag
Photo: herrfischerrr

For an interesting project titled #tagsandthecity, the New York City subway map is reworked to replace the station names with the Instagram hashtags that are most frequently used around them. According to the map's creators:

We rename underground stations after the Instagram hashtag which is most popular around them. So you get a pretty good picture of how the city is photographed and what is going on where – especially for travelling, shopping, drinks and food. […] We grabbed geo-tagged photographs from 2014 from Instagram via it’s API (please note: we can no longer do that since Instagram restricted API access in July 2016). We only use data from 2014 because Instagram started clustering geo tags around 2014/2015, so precise localisation was no longer possible.

Aside from NYC, the team behind the project also created maps for Berlin, London, Paris and San Francisco Bay Area.

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