Map: See What Neighborhoods the Majority of Yankees Fans and Mets Fans Live In

New York City Yankees Fans vs Mets Fans
New York City Yankees Fans vs Mets Fans
Photo: Vivid Seats

Ticket agency Vivid Seats recently crunched the number in their ticket-sale data and produced this cool map showing where the most tickets have been purchased for the Mets and Yankees across all of New York City. Some key takeaways:

  • The Mets won 4 out of 5 boroughs as well as New York City as a whole
  • Queens and Bronx are the most solidly Mets/Yankees boroughs, with only one zip code in Queens and no zip codes in the Bronx buying for the opposing team
  • Manhattan was the most divided borough with a 52%/48% Mets/Yankees split
  • The Yankees/Mets fan split corresponds roughly to the proximity to their respective stadiums in Manhattan
  • There's a group of Yankees fans in the middle of Brooklyn, surrounded by Mets fans

Vivid Seats also produced infographics for each borough with more detailed neighborhood breakdowns, check them out to see who your neighbors root for!

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