Making of Michael Murphy's "Perpetual Shift" 3D Art Exhibit at the IMAGE Gallery

Brooklyn sculptor Mike Murphy created the Perpetual Shift sculpture in Bushwick's I.M.A.G.E. Gallery using "1,252 wooden balls, paint, and braided fibers to form a 3D halftone sculpture."

This exhibit explores the phenomenon of perception and reality's constant state of change. The mind's eye is challenged and the viewer is forced to interpret each piece with a shifting and open mind. You can either indulge in deep thought and interpretation or you can allow the feeling to take over you. Ultimately the meaning is left to eye and mind of the beholder.

This video from shows the installation and making of the exhibit.

If you want to see Perpetual Shift in person, you had better hurry out to Bushwick as the exhibit closes tomorrow, July 3rd @ 10pm.

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