Maimonides Ambulance Smashes Into Motorcyclist After Running Red Light

On May 26th, 2014, there was an accident in Sunset Park that involved a Maimonides Medical Center ambulance and a motorcyclist. The collision resulted in the death of the cyclist, Jesus Santiago a few hours after the ambulance hit him in the intersection of Fourth Ave. and 63rd St. Fast-forward to this week where a trial is about to start that places the paramedics Danielle Bensimhon and her partner on defense for the wrongful death. The paramedics swore under oath that they stopped at the light. Daily News reports:

In a sworn deposition on July 18, 2013, Bensimhon was asked: "How many complete stops did you make at that intersection? "The first one and then three," Bensimhon, 29, replied, according to the transcript. She acknowledged the light for the ambulance was red.

But the recent discovery of a surveillance video tells a different story. It is clear that the paramedics ran the red light, smashing into Santiago, and that they have been lying about the incident the entire time. The jury selection for the trial is on Tuesday.

via Daily News

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