Listen Up! Bryant Park is Not Just for Tourists

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Bryant Park - New York

Despite being smack in the middle of Midtown, Bryant Park is still a great place for locals to hang out, despite being surrounded by tourists.

Doze off on the gorgeous manicured lawn or get involved with one of the many free activities offered to the public year round.

The enveloping skyscrapers surrounding the park, as well as the relaxed atmosphere with it, provide a comforting place to escape the stress of Midtown. Find a spot on the green, take off your shoes, and fall asleep to the City’s melodic buzz.

There are also more lively things to do at Bryant Park if you want a more upbeat hang. Play a game of backgammon or chess, a game of ping pong, or if you’re lucky, even catch a flashmob marriage proposal!

Sophie Patenaude

Sophie Patenaude

Contributing Writer

Raised right outside of NYC, Sophie often enjoys exploring the City and getting lost. She loves writing, blogging, and playing guitar. When not writing music, Sophie can be found eating plentiful amounts of food.

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