Is This the Solution to New York's Public Urination Problem?

It’s hard to tell during the winter months, but nothing quite says “New York” than the smell of piss on a warm summer’s day. Residents of Hamburg Germany’s St. Pauli district have a similar problem, and they came up with a genius solution that they call St. Pauli is Peeing Back.

The neighborhood’s residents aren’t literally going round to wild pee-ers homes and urinating on their doorsteps (though that would actually be kind of brilliant). They’re simply making sure offenders get a small taste of their own medicine by painting walls with splash-creating, urine retardant paint. In keeping with this harbor neighborhood’s nautical traditions, the paint St. Pauli is using normally coats ships’ hulls. It’s so liquid-resistant that anyone peeing on it is liable to end up soiling themselves all over.

The specific oleophobic coating they use is unknown, but similar products are relatively inexpensive and available as a spray from many stores. The most well known is NeverWet, currently $16 on Amazon.

via City Lab

Matt Coneybeare

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