"International Express: New Yorkers on the 7 Train" Book Explores Queens' Subway Ridership

International Express: New Yorkers on the 7 Train
International Express: New Yorkers on the 7 Train
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International Express: New Yorkers on the 7 Train is an interesting book from authors and urban sociologists Stéphane Tonnelat and William Kornblum that explores how Queens, the most diverse area in the country, is reflected through the riders of the 7 train that passes through it.

Nicknamed the International Express, the New York City Transit Authority 7 subway line runs through a highly diverse series of ethnic and immigrant neighborhoods in Queens. People from Andean South America, Central America, China, India, Italy, Korea, Mexico, Pakistan, Poland, Romania, and Vietnam, as well as residents of a number of gentrifying blue-collar and industrial neighborhoods, fill the busy streets around the stations. The 7 train is a microcosm of a specifically urban, New York experience, in which individuals from a variety of cultures and social classes are forced to interact and get along with one another. For newcomers to the city, mastery of life in the subway space is a step toward assimilation into their new home.

International Express: New Yorkers on the 7 Train is available for purchase in ebook and hardcover on Amazon.

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Originally published on April 25th, 2017

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