Innovative Project Recreates the Night Sky in the Hudson River

The Windmill Factory’s latest project is an innovative way of giving New York City residents’s a piece of the long-gone starry night sky that can no longer be seen due to air and light pollution. Installed in the Hudson River in the West Village’s Pier 49,

Reflecting the Stars attached custom wirelessly-controlled solar-powered LEDs to the decaying posts of Pier 49 in the Hudson River to recreate our night sky. Nightly, lights twinkled in various patterns as the tides concealed and revealed our LED stars. Visitors pressed buttons highlighting constellations, no longer seen in urban centers because of air and light pollution.

You can see Reflecting the Stars along the Hudson River Greenway between Bank and Bethune streets, the site of the old Pier 49.

via New York Times

Matt Coneybeare

Matt Coneybeare

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