Improv Everywhere Holds a Full Game Show at a Random Chelsea Bar's Trivia Night

Comedy group Improv Everywhere recently surprised the patrons of a Chelsea bar's weekly trivia night with a full-on game show complete with a host, exciting set, light, crowd and prizes.

All of the teams we surprised were real, existing trivia teams. We worked with TriviaNYC to find the best teams. TriviaNYC actually runs trivia games at “one star” bar already, but we specifically asked them to help us find teams that had never played at “one star.” This way they wouldn’t know the bar had a back room, and they would be less likely to spot our hidden cameras in the front. We invited the teams to come at different times throughout the night, so we could surprise them one by one. They thought they were coming to a normal bar trivia event.

Check out the full recap to learn more about the setup and game.

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