Hey A$$hole, Here are the Most Popular Curse Words for NY and Other States

Strong Languagea sweary blog about swearing—recently shared some research from linguist and lecturer in forensic linguistics Jack Grieve that analyzed strong regional patterns of swearing preferences across U.S. states.

Hell, damn and bitch are especially popular in the south and southeast. Douche is relatively common in northern states. Bastard is beloved in Maine and New Hampshire, and those states – together with a band across southern Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas – are the areas of particular motherfucker favour. Crap is more popular inland, fuck along the coasts. Fuckboy – a rising star* – is also mainly a coastal thing, so far.

Here in NYC, we love to say "asshole", "fuck", and the new classic "fuckboy". Check out the accompanying article for more maps and analysis.

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