Here's What It's Like at The Bronx Zoo's Exciting New Zipline and Treetop Adventure

Treetop Adventure is a brand new interactive exhibit at the Bronx Zoo which lets you zip and climb through nature high above the ground. Tickets start at $35 for zip lining and $65 for a two-hour climbing session. Though technically part of the Bronx Zoo complex, Treetop Adventure is a separate ticket and park from the zoo, meaning you can go without purchasing a zoo ticket.

Climb, swing, and slide through obstacle courses in the trees. Push your boundaries, defy gravity, get close to nature, and know your visit helps WCS support wildlife around the world. It’s the best new experience in New York—a fresh park on the grounds of the Bronx Zoo.

Check out what the Bronx Zoo Zipline and Treetop Adventure is like in these immersive videos from the Wildlife Conservation Society.

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