Here's How Much NYC Pays Gardeners and Other Parks Department Employees

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NYC urban park ranger fellows | Central Park and Inwood Hill represent, represent
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Checkbook NYC is a website from the New York City Comptroller’s Office which reports NYC’s payroll, contracts, revenue and other financial stats.

Our friends at the Staten Island Advance recently scoured the site to find out what the City’s Parks employees make on average.

  • Lifeguard: $14.56 to $17.97 an hour
  • City park worker: $31,375 to $48,969
  • Urban park ranger: $33,625 to $40,848
  • Gardener: $39,233 to $62,728
  • Climber & pruner: $58,002 to $62,983
  • Forester: $50,000 to $54,449
  • Park supervisor: $57,124 to $78,098
  • Landscape architect: $65,600 to $100,923
  • Commissioner: $219,773
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