Gotham SideWalks Gives Group or Private Street Art Tours of LES, Gowanus

Gotham SideWalks is a walking tour company that isn't catering to tourists at all, they are offering local neighborhood tours of street art, murals, signage, graffiti and sculptures to locals and street art aficionados.

We provide exciting and affordable activities for both locals and visitors. Family, friends, colleagues, and students will enjoy learning about history through real interaction with the art and architecture of the City and its people. Tours can act as a unique supplement to books, clubs, fundraisers, mission statements, or corporate goals; and as a refreshing alternative to traditional museums, movies, and theater. And you'll always get exercise: these are not bus tours!

Currently, Gotham SideWalks only offers street art tours in LES and Gowanus, but plan to add more in the future. The 2-hour tours start at $30, with more expensive options for private bookings.

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