Get New York City's Best Cheap Baos at Eddie Huang's Baohaus in East Village

Baohaus is a popular casual eats spot on 14th Street in the East Village that offers delicious pork buns and other baos on the cheap. In this video from the excellent Operation $5 Lunch series from our friends at Thrillist, watch as host Prez heads to Baohaus to check out the Chairman Bao.

Bao, or steamed buns, are a delicious meal that consists of your choice of meat sitting on a white, soft, cloud, also known as the bun. They are popular all across New York City, which is why on this episode of Operation $5 Lunch, we sent Prez on a mission to find the best ones under $5.

Up next, see how Baohaus fared on our 2016 East Village Pork Bun Crawl.

via Thrillist

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