Get a Fresh View of The Bronx By Canoeing Down the Restored Bronx River

Live Streaming: A Fresh View of the Bronx By Canoe
Live Streaming: A Fresh View of the Bronx By Canoe
Photo: 5boros

The Bronx River Alliance has been restoring the Bronx River area for the past decade, working closely with the City's Department of Parks and Recreation to help cleanup the area and recover its vibrant ecosystem of plants and wildlife.

Once known as an "open sewer", the Bronx River has been transformed drastically, and the alliance is now offering three-hour tours by canoe to show off their progress.

“The canoeing program was a way to educate the public, to get them on the river, to see how much it’s changed these past 30 years,” says [education coordinator for the Bronx River Alliance, Katie] Lamboy, whose group now brings out nearly 2,000 people annually. The eight-mile paddle provides a new perspective of both the New York Botanical Garden and Bronx Zoo, as well as a prime leaf-peeping outpost for the lush Bronx River Forest.

Head over to the Bronx River Alliance to learn more about the Bronx River canoe tours.

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