Explore the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Grand Entrance and Great Hall With This 360° Video

The Metropolitan Museum of Art recently released this great 360° video showing the museum's grand entrance and great hall with a stunning immersive view.

Architect Richard Morris Hunt designed this majestic space in 1902. He never could have imagined that today the Museum's main entry greets more than six million visitors a year. Now you can experience its Neoclassical grandeur in a way no one ever has before.

Come explore not just behind the scenes, but everywhere in 360°. This video lets you soar past the colonnades, up toward the oculus in the ceiling, and cast a look down over the Grand Staircase and balcony. Aren’t you curious who creates those colossal flower arrangements when you’re still asleep?

You can see the Great Hall in person anytime the museum is open, without paying an entry fee.

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