Eustace (Man)Spreads Out on the Cover of This Week's New Yorker

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Cover Story: Eustace Spreads Out

The cover of this week’s New Yorker anniversary issue features the magazine’s mascot “Eustace” man-spreading like a boss on the subway.

It was concerned that the riff may have run its course,” Liniers, the Argentine cartoonist who sketched “Eustace Spreads Out,” the cover for this year’s Anniversary issue, said. “But then I realized that the scourge of ‘manspreading’ is as impactful as ever.” As for riffing on Eustace Tilley, the character who first appeared ninety-one years ago, on the cover of the magazine’s very first issue, it is still very much alive—as evidenced in this short video, showing a montage of New Yorker covers that have featured the dandy mascot over the years:

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