Dylan, a Short Documentary About a Young Trans Man Over an Early Morning Trip to Coney Island

Dylan is a fantastic short film written and directed by Elizabeth Rohrbaugh and starring actor Becca Blackwell in which the main character, a transgender F2M, tells his story over an early morning journey to Coney Island.

Unlike so many other films about trans people, Dylan isn’t just the spouting of generic platitudes about the importance of being accepted and self discovery (though, obviously, that basic message is there). The reason this piece is special is that it actually gets deep into the specifics of what it’s like for a transgender person—the intimate moments, from sexual relations to the practicalities of having surgery, are all covered. This sense of detail in regards to the particulars of what it means to be be a trans person—on either side of the process—is both enlightening and compelling.

For more info, check out the Director's statement on how the short came together on the Vimeo page.

Matt Coneybeare

Matt Coneybeare

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