Don't Waste Money on Water Filters, New York City's Tap Water is Award Winning

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Tap water in New York City is not only safe to drink, but also tastes great, according to experts.
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The Department of Environmental Protection announced this week that New York City’s tap water won the top prize in New York State’s Regional Metro Tap Water Taste Test competition.

The contest took place Thursday at the American Museum of Natural History in Manhattan, where New York City’s water went tap-to-tap with drinking water suppliers from Westchester, Nassau, Suffolk and Orange counties. Museum visitors sampled tap water from each supplier and ranked them by taste, according to the DEP. New York City’s tap water was judged to be the best tasting, followed by water from Elmsford in Westchester County. After winning the Regional Taste Test competition, New York City tap water will next compete in a state-wide contest in Syracuse on Sept. 2.

Check out the DEP’s annual report for more information about the quality of the City’s award-winning tap water and water supply.

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