Countdown Clocks Coming to Lettered NYC Subway Lines

Photo: MTA

At last, the MTA is testing out countdown clocks for lettered subway lines.

Testing will be performed at the 23rd Street; 28th Street; 34th Street; 42nd Street; 49th Street; 57th Street; 5th Avenue/59th Street; and Lexington Avenue/59th subway stops, and will include two countdown clocks with enhanced LCD screens.

They won't be 100% accurate times, but rather best guesses based on the signals sent from bluetooth triggers and signals as the train moves through the tunnels.

Featuring slick LCD screens, the clocks will be tested for 90 days. If they work, the program will be expanded to more stations. Read the full article for background information on the technology behind the program.

via WNYC

Joshua Mu

Joshua Mu

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