Controversial Video Proposes NYC's 50-Year-Old Landmarks Act Killed Progress in the City

A recent video by Reason writer and producer Jim Epstein is causing quite a controversy online. 50 years ago today, the Landmarks Preservation Commission was created and the City’s landmarks preservation act was signed into law. Over 33,000 buildings are currently protected by this law for their historic and cultural value to the City of New York.

This video, driven heavily by Epstein’s personal Libertarian views, postulates that the landmarks preservation act has stunted growth in New York City and that it’s is actually quite a bad thing for the City to have in place.

This 50th anniversary of the landmarks preservation act is an opportunity to mourn the opposite: all the invisible buildings that will never exist because of a misguided law.

There are already over 140 heated comments on the YouTube page from both sides of the argument. How do you feel about the Landmarks Preservation Commission?

Matt Coneybeare

Matt Coneybeare

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