Completely Empty Train Car Captured Beautifully in a Rare Subway Shot

Symmetrical Subway Solitude #Ltrain #NYC #blue #black #symmetry #subway #NY #manhattan
Symmetrical Subway Solitude #Ltrain #NYC #blue #black #symmetry #subway #NY #manhattan
Photo: mochamike

Normally, when a train car is empty it means there is something foul destroying the air quality. It could be a person, a thing, some bodily fluids or remnants of any number of disgusting things people sometimes do on trains. One thing is for sure though, when you are vacating an empty car due to it's smell, you never stop to take a picture first.

The circumstances behind this shot are unclear. Perhaps the photographer had lost his/her sense of smell in a tragic ice boating accident, maybe it was a shot taken over the shoulder as they fled for life... or maybe this train car was simply empty? Either way, it is a rare glimpse at the completely empty NYC subway train car.

via reddit

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