Check Out This Vintage Footage Showing Horse Racing in Gravesend, Brooklyn in 1904

Captured on May 26th, 1904, this vintage film shows the old Gravesend Race Track leading up to a big horse race.

To film this event, the camera was placed inside the rail, on the track surface itself. As the film begins, in the foreground a gate opens and a horse ridden by a jockey is escorted across the track, followed by several men who appear to be fans of the race horse. Following the first horse are six in succession, and then there is a large group of men surrounding another horse that appears to be a favorite. The horses head for the starting position, moving away from the camera. In the background at a distance of several hundred yards is a grandstand filled with people. The film ends with a view of the race track paddock with two horses with riders walking around.

Check out the specimen page in the Library of Congress digital archives for more info.

Matt Coneybeare

Matt Coneybeare

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